After you’ve recognized the hand type, start noticing the palm’s characteristic geography. Meaty regions called mounts and fields are identified with various life topics. The exemplary mounts relate with the seven old-style planets inside soothsaying: Apollo (the sun), Luna (the moon), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Adjusted, somewhat raised mounts uncover ascribes that are adjusted and proportional, while indented mounts uncover a person’s “vulnerable sides” or immature characteristics. In conclusion, very unmistakable mounts uncover prevailing qualities that might be misrepresented or overemphasized. 

Mount of Jupiter  

Situated at the base of the pointer (or more the Mount of Inner Mars), the Mount of Jupiter represents certainty, desire, and administration. It uncovers an association with the otherworldly domain, alongside divine aptitudes.  

Mount of Saturn  

The Mount of Saturn is situated at the base of the center finger. This territory relates to shrewdness, obligation, and determination. It uncovers a person’s honesty, just as their profound comprehension of the high points and low points of life.  

Mount of Apollo  

Found underneath the ring finger, the Mount of Apollo gets its name from the sun divine force of old-style relic. Inside palmistry, this district of the hand compares with a person’s positive thinking, essentialness, and embodiment. Similarly, as zodiac sun signs uncover people’s natural spirits, the Mount of Apollo exhibits creative tendencies, joy, and achievement.  

Mount of Mercury  

Arranged under the pinky finger, the Mount of Mercury is associated with correspondence and insight. This district is connected indeed, versatility, and social abilities, uncovering a person’s essential brain and cleverness.  

Mount of Luna  

Named after the antiquated Roman goddess who embodied the moon, the Mount of Luna represents creative mind, instinct, and clairvoyant forces. Situated toward the lower part of the palm on the pinky side, this territory uncovers a person’s sympathy, empathy, and creative mind. While the moon enlightens the murkiness, the Mount of Luna is connected to the understanding found inside magic.  

Mount of Venus  

Situated at the base of the thumb, the Mount of Venus is connected to adore, arousing quality, and fascination. This zone grandstands common attraction, just as a person’s passionate association with sentiment. Sexuality, enthusiasm, and extravagance are largely under the sponsorship of this area.  

Internal Mars, Outer Mars, and the Plain of Mars  

In palmistry, Mars makes a ton of progress. Named for the Roman lord of war, these three unmistakable areas address animosity, strength, and disposition, separately. Internal Mars, additionally alluded to as Lower Mars, is situated over the thumb, and it represents actual strength and strong relentlessness. External Mars, or Upper Mars, addresses persistence and enthusiastic boldness. The Plain of Mars involves the lower focal point of the palm and exhibits how these two previously mentioned characteristics are adjusted. Since the Plain of Mars is normally level, its importance is dictated by which lines possess this part. 

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