What to look for in a roof inspection

Commercial roof inspections are important to any building owner because the condition of their roofs can affect the structural integrity of their buildings. They also provide owners with peace of mind knowing that their investment is in safe hands. When it comes to commercial buildings, there are a number of things to look for before a commercial roofer inspects your commercial roof.

What to look for in a roof inspection

One of the main concerns for commercial roofers is to make sure that there is no accumulation of clean debris underneath the residential roof. Clean debris will reduce the life expectancy of your roof and can even lead to the failure of your roof. A clean debris-free rooftop not only increases the life expectancy of your roof but also means that you will have less downtime in the future due to clean debris buildup. Commercial roofing companies also look for clean and properly installed flashing and gutter protection.

The most important time to have your roof inspected is in the fall when there is a heavy snowfall and ice storm. This is because these are the worst conditions for roofing inspections due to the fact that there is snow and ice buildup under the residential roof as well as above the residential roof. While it is impossible to prevent ice and snow accumulation, you can take certain steps to keep them from building up. For example, during the fall season when there is heavy snowfall, run your shutters on both sides of your house to block out any sunlight from the inside your house that could melt the ice and snow and make them even heavier and larger.

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